Build & Shred #Week2 #Day10


Off day

My intention this day was to do cardio and rehab training. BUT my body was in such pain all day because of my injuries. The only thing I felt like was going to sleep all the time. And so I did. I slept most of the day, studying in between, and eating some food to. Mostly breadchips with salt and proteinshakes, some fish and almonds and eggs. I felt sick and my body was just against me. My life is like that some times. After 3 car accidents and all those injuries I have I just have to give in sometimes.

My daughters farther picked her up from school. So happy he was able to do that to day on “my day” – very thankful. When you´re mom you just have to get your sh!t together when your kid(s) are around. You just have too. Pain or not.

My daughter wanted to go for a bike ride to the groceries store – and so we did. The weather here in Denmark changes all the time this time a year, so I could actually wear shorts and a t-shirt late afternoon! Nice. (The picture shows what I wore today) 

We went for a bike ride, went home, made dinner, homework etc.

So NO training today what so ever. Tomorrow is a new day! – and Im ready to train Quads and Delts – Im going through the program for tomorrow right now! After I´ve trained tomorrow, I´m going for lunch with one of my friends.

See u tomorrow.