Build & Shred #Week1 #Day4


Chest and Biceps – the program said but noooo – I cant do chest. (it’s a no go with my injuries – besides the db pullover)..

You can see what I did today instead:
Activation on my delts – the L-arm without weights

3 x 10 (GS) 3 ways front shoulder (2 exc on bench and standing)

4 x 20/8 (SS)  Banded lateral raises (green band – with handles) + 8 bus driver (5kg)

4 x 15 (10kg) Pullovers (for chest) the only chest exercise Im able to do with no pain in my back, neck and injured arm

3 x 10 (SS) Wrist high cable lateral raises (one arm at a time) + 1½ cable tri press down (one arm)

C1 + D1 + D2 from the program worked fine (Biceps) – I love training biceps <3

Besides the program here, I trained BFR calves training standing, in the squat machine – in my TOESOCKS! I´d totally forgot my shoes for leg training (calves included) – but the toesocks was AWESOME (they look like … jeeez I don’t know, they aren’t pretty!) when you are training calves. I could REALLY feel the “ballerina”toe feeling. Uiiich! And Im tapping on the floor ibtw the sets too. Damn it hurts! I love watching this video with Matt and Ben. It has great tips. Go watch it here if you like:


I did some abs on a gym-ball. My back is still a bit fragile (after the minor surgery this Tuesday), but I could do 3 x 50. That worked fine. Every time I train my abs, Im thinking of the video with Ben when he puts his oblique’s in his pants. Haven´t you seen it? Go watch it here:

I really want to learn to have that vacuum that Ben shows on stage! Its awesome!

I´ve a daughter. That’s means – surprise – that Ive been pregnant (8 years ago but still) ! In some point that means that my stomach and abs are much more blown out and “loose” than before I was pregnant. Soooo I have to THINK about my abs all the time! When Im standing, sitting, training, driving etc. Its SO important that I don’t just “let it go”, even though that is what my body wants to do all the time to “relax”.

Stand tall and put your oblique´s in your pants (or skirt for us women).

MY food today:

Breakfast (fat and proteins)

Peanutbutter, dark chocolate (85%), Almonds, chiaseeds, whole eggs, eggwhites and chicken.

I had a shake (pure whey- scitec of course) 1 hour before training

Pre and post workout shakes (whey+powedered green, taurine, glycine and magnesium) + feel good coffee with coconut oil.

I didn’t do my intra workout today. I didn’t feel like needing it. Im taking it easy with my training, because of the minor surgery this Tuesday on my back. A bit boring – but I have to take care of myself. As long as I can train, its fine.

My post workout meal: White rice, a LOT of veggies, and Chicken (I looooove chicken!)

My snacks today: Apples, lemon water, dark chocolate, almonds, and cashews

Dinner today; Fish and Veggies.

Im SO tired these days. My sleep is very crappy (because of my pain), but my training are great. Of course!

I’m so jealous of all the people going to Mr. Olympia this weekend! I wish Ben good luck! Cheering for him here in DK.

Tomorrow its actually my off day, BUT Im going to a party tomorrow night, and I KNOW that I cant train Saturday. That’s why I´ve switched the two days. Tomorrow it will be quads and delts.

I LOVE that the guys in the gym ask ME for help now! Out of the blue…  They have seen my results of this awesome training, and wants to know what the secret is..

Its dedication and MI40Nation (uuuh it rimes!)

That’s it!

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