Build & Shred #Week1 #Day3


Hams and Calves….but I did glutes instead of calves 

I was born with no glutes…..arh that’s a lie. But I really wasn’t blessed with a butt from birth! Flat and long – that´s the description of my butt. I really have to activate it every time I train legs, else my quads will be the dominant ones.

In the Mi40Foundation AND the Mi40X Graduate, I really liked the calves and abs switch every day. I must admit that I liked it so much, that I´ve done the same with this Build and Shred program. Shame on me. Yesterday I did the calves, so today it was abs. Even though the program prescribed something else.

Tip for today is: If your lying leg curls doesn’t fit you, try to put a small mat under your quads. It helps me a lot. I REALLY try to flex my glutes in this exercise, and my quads when my legs are lengthened to get the best pump. Trust me – it works!

The C1 – hyperXtension – hmm I was actually about to cry! The only thing that REALLY burned was my lower back, and not my glutes and hams! HM ! I hate when I can’t feel the muscles that I’m suppose to feel. I tried and I tried. I have watched many videos, also the one with Kassem when he is showing this particular exercise – and it is hard to isolate the glutes/hams without get your lower back in action. I did some banded hipthrusters instead. That helped (on my mood too haha) .

Instead of D1 & E1 (Calves in the program)  I did power squats, 3 sec isometric hold in the bottom 4 x 12 and some glute activation exercises (rehab).

Besides the program, I did some abs. I had a birthmark removed yesterday on my back – minor surgery – which influenced my abs training a lot today.

I did 1 exercise BFR for my left shoulder.. .. and that was it.

No cardio for a week, because of the minor surgery on my back. I miss the rower already!

I ate my post workout meal WAY too late today! Had to pick my kid up and get groceries and suddenly I was 1½ hour behind! AAAARRRGGHH! I get so irritated when I don’t get my food in time.

Big applause to the 6 weeks program I just LOVE that there´s a specific exercise guide for each day! Its SUPER easy! I love to watch the videos, but when I dont have the time, this is just AWESOME!!!
The thing I also liked about the Mi40re-written Foundation program was the “days” were counted. And not phases like in Mi40X – It motivates me more to see that Im on day 30 f.ex. :) and the 6weeks programs has the same “countingdays” :)
Im a fan of Mi40 all the way! And I just love this “Mi40Life” :) Thank you Ben, Cody, Brandon & Taylor (and Joe and Kassem for sure). My life and training has a new meaning now(Im not kidding).

Food today:

Pre, intra and post workout J of course…

Chicken, rice, brown rice, veggies, apples, dark chocolate, almonds, peanutbutter, blueberries, and extra protein shake,… remember that I don’t count the calories from my veggies!

Calories today aprox: 1900 (without veggies!) I need to drink more water pre training and during the day.  Getting ready for tomorrow. Chest and biceps. I cant do the chest exercises because of my injuries – soooo its “re-writing” time now. Train hard.

Angela Silverfox