Build And Shred #Week2 #Day9


Chest and Biceps…

Yes a re-writing day.

The only chest exercise I´m able to do is the pullover. BUT everytime the program says “chest”  I always try one or two of the exercises, just to see IF I´m able to do it.

I changed  A1 to activation with the L-arm (no weights) & banded lateral raises (20 reps times 4) – no weights – just a green band with handles, its light.

Watch the video for the L-arm here:

B1 (another chest exercise for this day) was changed with Bussdriver & Standing front raises  as a superset 4 x 8

C1 I changed with the 3 ways front shoulder exercise –  10x Incline lying with the face towards the bench, 10x incline lying on the back and 10x standing front raises – as a giant set times 4

Why ALL these front delts exercises? I have laggings delts, allround – and as long as I can’t train chest, I will never get my front shoulder bigger if Im not pushing it from time to time. Like today (: It was ON FIRE!

C2 Inc DB Flyes – I tried it, but I couldn’t do more than 2 sets of 10 then I did 2 x 10 pullovers instead.

D1 was the spidercurls for biceps. I really can’t breathe when I’m doing that exercise (YES I know- I a wuz! Hahah) – I changed it with DB preacher curls instead. My tension on my right biceps it much greater than on the left. That’s why I like to do DB for my biceps – and keep my focus on the contraction for each arm. I can´t feel the same tension on the left biceps if I’m training with a barbell.

E1 & F1 worked great

My biceps felt like popping out all the time.

My cardio today was CT-machine again, with backwards intension – I need to feel my glutes working every day, and it’s a great way to do it. Only five minutes (burned 81 cal) – I miss my rower, but I cant row until they have removed the stitches on my back after the minor surgery.

I did 10 minutes abs too and some BFR training on my right shoulder.

My food intake today went FINE until later… I went with a friend to see a movie.. And I ate chocolate (not the dark one) popcorn and drank wine too. What a cheat night. But that’s life.

Its crazy what sugar and alcohol do to my body.. Puuuiicch! Looking forward to my “off”day tomorrow (Rehab training and some cardio)