Build and Shred #Week1 #Day2


Back and Triceps lets go!

Early bird training today. I went up at 04.30 to get my breakfast. Then I went to train some guys (the love and hate me at the same time, but in the end they just cry  haha)  and then I went to my gym (I like to train in a different gym than in the one that Im training others) at aprox 08.00. Normally I train around 10.00 so it is a bit early for me to train at 0800

I was SO happy – I could do the giant sets for today. B1&B2&B3 -. Yes please! No one took the one machine while I was using the other. My back was on fire. I did some activation before I startet. The training video with Joe and Dallas still motivates me, and escpecially the pulley row makes my lats on FIRE! More than the Bent over High Cable Pullovers does actually. In this writing moment I can feel my lats are sore. Ive trained back for so many years. Ive never ever felt my back like I do after training the MI40 principles!

The triceps exercises was great.

Al though I had to change the C1 to a superset with D1 – and do D2 by itself. I added some intensifiers with 1½ rep for one hand grip in the cable, to set my triceps on fire. I really don’t have much of a triceps, but its beginning to show!

Besides the program I did:

Cardio: 5 min on the rower. My lunges collapsed (I have 30% lower lunge capacity than normal people, which shows sometimes, and effects my cardio effort VERY much) I only did 74cal!!!!! – my PR is 94cal! I did the CT for 5 minutes directly after the rower and burned 80 cal on that one.

I trained 1 exercise (20 rep) for my rear delts (non existing) and 1 BFR for my right delts too (injury) 30 reps 30 sec rest, 15 reps 30 sec rest, 15 reps 30 sec rest, 15 reps 30 sec rest, DONE!)

And that was it for today.

I had my pre workout (homemade BPAK style) before training, my intra workout started after B3 in the program, and Postworkout right after my last set.

I had my post meal 2 hours after training today.

Rice, veggies, chicken

My anytimefood was 3 apples during the day and blueberries.

Ive had almonds and dark chocolate as my treat today

And Ive had chicken and cod roe and veggies for dinner.

Im so tired right now and will go to sleep.

Looking forward to tomorrows program HAMS and CALVES (…. But I wont do that much calf training.. more hams and glutes – my weakpoint is my glutes and delts, rear delts and triceps).

Train hard.

My calories (without counting veggies) today is: 2223 cal Protein 173gr, Carbs; 108gr+20gr vitargo Fat 116gr