Build & Shred #Week2 #Day8


Day No8

Hams/Calves the program said. I had to re-write it to: Hams and Glutes and Calves (BFR)

If you want to learn more about BFR training, Jacob Wilson (Im a HUGE fan of him) made this article:

Uuuh I had to try to do a little cardio today. Just to see how it would feel in the wound (surgery) on my back. I took 5 minutes on the CT machine focusing “backwards” (heels) – that helps my fire up my lagging glutes a bit J I did 80cal in 5 minutes! Arrrh not good enough!)

The program started with Single  Leg STANDING leg curls. I have a VERY hard time feeling this machine on the right muscles (hamies). I really tried to activate them over and over again, but I couldn’t feel sh!t on this machine. Hmm! My “bad” leg – the nervedamaged one – didn’t work at all! I was going insane. Sometimes I get so angry, cause of my injuries. So mad that Im almost crying (of frustration mostly) haha…

Okay I went to the next exercises..

Because of the location of the machines in my gym I had to re-write the program.

I did B1 & B3 as a superset with 10 partials in the end – AND because of the poor precor lying leg curls ability to be installed to a person like me (very long legs) – I put a slim mattress under my quads. It helps a lot, and my hamies were on FIRE by 1. Set! YES! No complaining here. Everything is good.

B2 – stiff legged deadlift – just to some “more” I elevated my toes in this one. Oh yes, fire again! Im very happy that Im able to do this exercise despite of my injuries.

C1 + D1 + D2 I replaced with

Banded Squats (in the real squat machine) and YES I did it with black bands this time – no more pussyredbands for me on this one! 4 x 10 tempo: 4-0-1-0

Outer Thigh machine (standing/ going up and down- not sitting still) 4×15 only 15 sec break ibtw 64kg

Steady state Lunges 1½ rep times 10, no pauses, just shifting legs.

Calves; BFR training 30rep 15rep 15rep 15rep – tapping ibtw on the floor for 30 seconds AAAUUUCHH! It works!

I did some BFR training on my right shoulder (lateral raises) – its SO much smaller than the left one (because of the injuries) and I did 5 minutes abs on the ball.

Done for the day.

I had my pre, intra and post workout and I changed my tanktop 3 times. Sweat sweat sweat !