Build & Shred #Week2 #Day11


Quads and Delts
YES!!! Legs and Shoulders – My lagging points and favorite muscles!

Hm – I must say, I can actually tell that Im not rowing these days (for a very long time now actually). I can see it on my arms and back. Im looking forward to get the stitches out next week and then get to it again!

I went to a BurgerJoint today. And had fries and a slimy burger. MY GOD! My stomach hated me! I´m glad that I trained BEFORE that lunch! Auch!

Well well training, lets get to it.

I had to change the order of the exercises today, because the gym was FILLED with people! What the f#ck?

Here is my order:

A1 became B1

B1 became A1

C2 became C1

C1 became C2

I did the Hack Squats banded (black bands – yeees) – Im SO weak in that one (my injuries). I cant do that much weight, that’s why I have to do a little magic. The bands are the magic in this exercise. They get me everytime!

My nervedamaged leg is actually getting better at TRAINING – not in my everyday life though! HM! But I can feel it much better now, while training. Especially on the leg extension. That makes me so happy!

I was a little late today, and that meant that I had to skip some of my rehab exercises.

The low cable lateral raises is WAY to heavy for me to do – I changed the exercise with overhead DB press with 1½ rep (½ rep at the bottom of the exercise).

I did the full Mi40 Program + calves (BFR) and a little cardio on the CT machine (5 min / 78cal), and then I had to leave for an appointment.

The training today was very good – as always.

My food intake was not that good today. The burger in the middle of the day spoiled the rest of the day. My stomach cant take that kind of food. I´ve felt bloated all day. I ate some chicken and eggs, apples, almonds, dark chocolate and some shakes during the day. But my stomach just hates me for giving it a burger. Sorry!

Tomorrow its Back and Triceps – and I actually think I will TRY to row, just for 2.5 minutes – nothing else. Just to try it. I miss it even though it almost kills me every time.

Have to study now.

See you tomorrow.