Build & Shred #Week1 #Day6


Build & Shred #Week1 #Day6

Uuuuh Quads and Delts  – Whats not to love 

The Giantsets for legs this day was impossible for me to do.

BB front squats,hack squat and legpress  – nope. I can do it – but my gym”friends” wont let me. There´s only one GOOD leg press and one hacksquat – and the power racks is taken all the time. Instead I did leg extensions by it self (uuuh I can do much more weight than before. I´m actually getting stronger!)

I did the BB F.S. with some steady state lunges as a superset

Hacksquat – I just LOVE hacskquat! And this day I tried to band it with my BLACK bands!!! (Im usually a pussy and have used the red ones – much easier). It was a killer, in a good way of course. I did it like a superset with steady state lunges.

Then it was the legpress –just because I couldn’t do all these leg exercises like a giantset – I had to add some “more”. Instead of doing the 4/12, I did 4/12 but with 1½ rep for each rep. Burn baby burn!

My body is like an open book. When it gets tired or my brain is melting down during workout, I just use the strongest muscles I have – and nothing else. It SO important for me to get my intra workout in time during these legworkouts. I changed my tanktop 3 times this day. What a great training. Sweat sweat sweat!

I did my intra workout after B2.

AND I tried to do the squatmachine with the black bands also – just for fun! I LOVED IT ! These black bands just takes me to the next level.

Delts it is. I always activate my delts before and sometimes ibtw the exercises. My trapezius is SO dominant and wants to take over all the time.

Great workout.

As you know – I actually did this Saturday-workout yesterday – Friday! I was going to a party yesterday, and had to take the day off today to relax and spend time with my daughter.

Yesterday I was eating oreos (double stuffed)+ panda sweet liquorice  and drinking alcohol. Puuuuiiich..

Today – I was punished with hangovers 😀 But Ive been eating chicken, rice, some bread (we´ve got the best bread EVER in Denmark!) apples and dark chocolate and almonds– and (okay okay I admit!) some oreos! Hahahaha…

The best hangover tip: Borrow a dog, and a child (if you don’t have one yourself) drive to the beach, and go for a long long walk – watch them play and play with them. Go home, eat some food, watch a movie with your kid – and go to bed early (prepare your next day trainingprogram before you sleep). Remember to drink A LOT of water and take your vitamins.

Im going for  walk number 2 with dog (borrowed) and child (my one) now.. and then Im going to sleep!

I have to get up early tomorrow to watch Mr. Olympia….. Good luck Ben!