Build & Shred #Week2 #Day11

Quads and Delts YES!!! Legs and Shoulders – My lagging points and favorite muscles! Hm – I must say, I can actually tell that Im not rowing these days (for a very long time now actually). I can see it on my arms and back. Im looking forward to get the stitches out next week and then get to it again! I went to a BurgerJoint today. And had fries and a slimy burger. MY GOD! My stomach hated me! I´m glad that I trained BEFORE that lunch! Auch! Well well training, lets get to it. I had to change... Læs Mere »

Build & Shred #Week2 #Day10

Off day My intention this day was to do cardio and rehab training. BUT my body was in such pain all day because of my injuries. The only thing I felt like was going to sleep all the time. And so I did. I slept most of the day, studying in between, and eating some food to. Mostly breadchips with salt and proteinshakes, some fish and almonds and eggs. I felt sick and my body was just against me. My life is like that some times. After 3 car accidents and all those injuries I have I just have to... Læs Mere »

Build And Shred #Week2 #Day9

Chest and Biceps… Yes a re-writing day. The only chest exercise I´m able to do is the pullover. BUT everytime the program says “chest”  I always try one or two of the exercises, just to see IF I´m able to do it. I changed  A1 to activation with the L-arm (no weights) & banded lateral raises (20 reps times 4) – no weights – just a green band with handles, its light. Watch the video for the L-arm here: B1 (another chest exercise for this day) was changed with Bussdriver & Standing front raises  as a superset 4 x... Læs Mere »

Build & Shred #Week2 #Day8

Day No8 Hams/Calves the program said. I had to re-write it to: Hams and Glutes and Calves (BFR) If you want to learn more about BFR training, Jacob Wilson (Im a HUGE fan of him) made this article: Uuuh I had to try to do a little cardio today. Just to see how it would feel in the wound (surgery) on my back. I took 5 minutes on the CT machine focusing “backwards” (heels) – that helps my fire up my lagging glutes a bit J I did 80cal in 5 minutes! Arrrh not good enough!) The program started... Læs Mere »

Build & Shred #Week1 #Day7

  Last day of week one – Back and Triceps it is. Aaarh had to get up VERY early to watch Mr. Olympia… Zzzz. I actually like get up early in the morning – everybody is asleep – its like the world is closed and you are the only one awake. I don’t care if Ben didn’t win – He is a winner in my eyes. He has changed my life – by his training principles – and I learn from him and his team EVERY day! My dad couldn’t take care of my daughter today while I went to... Læs Mere »

Build & Shred #Week1 #Day6

Build & Shred #Week1 #Day6 Uuuuh Quads and Delts  – Whats not to love  The Giantsets for legs this day was impossible for me to do. BB front squats,hack squat and legpress  – nope. I can do it – but my gym”friends” wont let me. There´s only one GOOD leg press and one hacksquat – and the power racks is taken all the time. Instead I did leg extensions by it self (uuuh I can do much more weight than before. I´m actually getting stronger!) I did the BB F.S. with some steady state lunges as a superset Hacksquat –... Læs Mere »

Build & Shred #Week1 #Day4

Chest and Biceps – the program said but noooo – I cant do chest. (it’s a no go with my injuries – besides the db pullover).. You can see what I did today instead: Activation on my delts – the L-arm without weights 3 x 10 (GS) 3 ways front shoulder (2 exc on bench and standing) 4 x 20/8 (SS)  Banded lateral raises (green band – with handles) + 8 bus driver (5kg) 4 x 15 (10kg) Pullovers (for chest) the only chest exercise Im able to do with no pain in my back, neck and injured arm 3... Læs Mere »

Build & Shred #Week1 #Day3

Hams and Calves….but I did glutes instead of calves  I was born with no glutes…..arh that’s a lie. But I really wasn’t blessed with a butt from birth! Flat and long – that´s the description of my butt. I really have to activate it every time I train legs, else my quads will be the dominant ones. In the Mi40Foundation AND the Mi40X Graduate, I really liked the calves and abs switch every day. I must admit that I liked it so much, that I´ve done the same with this Build and Shred program. Shame on me. Yesterday I did... Læs Mere »

Build and Shred #Week1 #Day2

Back and Triceps lets go! Early bird training today. I went up at 04.30 to get my breakfast. Then I went to train some guys (the love and hate me at the same time, but in the end they just cry  haha)  and then I went to my gym (I like to train in a different gym than in the one that Im training others) at aprox 08.00. Normally I train around 10.00 so it is a bit early for me to train at 0800 I was SO happy – I could do the giant sets for today. B1&B2&B3 -.... Læs Mere »

Build and Shred #Week 1 Day1

Dansk version i bunden Legs and Delts it is. I had a great workout. This morning I did some measurements. Just to see what happens the next 6 weeks. I´ve  made a schedule for the next 6 weeks yesterday. I have to have “my life” and my training to fit together. And now it does. I looked at todays program before I went to sleep yesterday.   There was a few exercises that I had rewrite.   The “normal” cable lateral raise is WAY to heavy for me, that’s why I do a banded one instead. Surprisingly enough there was no... Læs Mere »