Build & Shred #Week1 #Day7


Last day of week one – Back and Triceps it is.

Aaarh had to get up VERY early to watch Mr. Olympia… Zzzz. I actually like get up early in the morning – everybody is asleep – its like the world is closed and you are the only one awake.

I don’t care if Ben didn’t win – He is a winner in my eyes. He has changed my life – by his training principles – and I learn from him and his team EVERY day!

My dad couldn’t take care of my daughter today while I went to training, so she had to come with me to the gym. There´s a room for kids, and she brings some food, her computer and school stuff and then she loves taking a shower there by herself and go to the sauna 😀 Its actually kind of fun for her.

But in a way I don’t have the same focus when she is with me. I´m a mother when she is with me. Im not a mom, when I go be myself and just train hard and keep everything out !

Anyways – I can´t complain. I´m very happy that she even wants to go in her age (she is 8).


Back ; I activated my lats with the Joe Row (Joe Benneths exercise – pulley row, leaning forward and focus on the lat activation). It works!!! Lats on fire from the beginning. I completed the back program with no need to re-write or change it in some way because of my injuries. That’s great.

Triceps: Aaarh my triceps are lagging. I can’t train chest because of my injuries, and you can see that on my triceps too. I have to activate them A LOT before I really can FEEL the triceps are working. It’s actually kind of fun. You can do an exercise and you can feel it’s heavy or hard to do, but that’s it. Sometimes you can´t feel which muscle(s) you are using, it’s just heavy! That’s why the Mi40 is SO great. It forces you to FEEL the muscle(s) and not just lift something heavy from A to B.

My favorite triceps activation exercise is the one Kassem has show on the Mi40Gym site. One arm cable press down – and stand I the position with you elbow that YOUR body allows you (no joint pain – yaaay). I do 1½ rep with lightweight, keep focus on the triceps – and BOOM suddenly it works. “Spend time where it’s hard” as Ben teaches us. When I can feel the right muscles are working THEN I start the program.. not before. And yes sometimes it takes time. I really have to be patient because of my injuries and if I want to get some gains the places that are lagging the most. The rest of the triceps exercises went fine.

When I bring my daughter to the gym I don’t spend as long time there as I normally would, cause I would like to spend some time with her too. My training was good today, I got through the program and that is good enough for me, when I have my daughter on board too J

Its late now, Im going to bed. Early training tomorrow. Its hams and calves…

Goodnight everbodyday-7